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2021 EURL Fougères Proficiency Tests

In 2021 2 PTs will be organised:

Ø  PT1 – Multi-Screening and Confirmation of Chloramphenicol Residues in Meat and considering the new RPA of 0.15 µg/kg (March-May 2021)
Ø  PT2 – Multi-Screening and Confirmation of Group B1 Authorized Antimicrobial Residues in Milk   (October-December 2021)

Or  PT2 could be possibly replaced by a collaborative study you should receive more details during the period March-May : Ø  COLLAB TEST – Collaborative study for LC-MSMS / LC-HRMSMS instruments for Multi-Screening / Confirmation of Group B1-B2 Authorized VMP Residues in Extracts of Milk and Meat (October-December 2021)