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Latest EFSA reports

The latest report on the results from the monitoring of veterinary medicinal product residues and other substances in live animals and animal products is now available here. The report summarises monitoring data collected in 2019.

The latest report on pesticide residues in food in the European Union is now available here. The EU-coordinated control programm analyses samples including matrices from animal origin. The report summarises monitoring data collected in 2019.

Update Euroresidue IX

In the light of the unpredictable events, the board of the EuroResidue Conferences Foundation has decided to postpone again the Euroresidue IX event. The EuroResidue IX Conference is now planned for 23-25 May 2022.

New common website

As a consequence of the EURL evaluation, the Commission stated that EURLs with overlapping or similar responsibilities should agree upon their work more closely. The agreement with the Commission is also indispensable. For this reason at least one meeting of the 4 EURLs for residues and a representative of the European Commission is necessary per year. Moreover, an additional exchange among the EURLs with respect to an agreed strategy, increased efficiency and exploiting synergy effects is required.