Analytical Methods

The establishment of an efficient and reliable food control system requires to ensure the quality and comparability of the analytical results generated by laboratories approved for official residue control. This should be achieved by implementing an appropriate quality assurance system and specifically by applying methods validated according to common procedures and performance criteria.

In accordance with Art. 3 of Regulation (EC) No. 2002/657 official samples are to be analysed using analytical methods which

  • are documented in test instructions according to ISO 78-2
  • comply with the performance criteria and other requirements given in Part 2 of the Annex to the Regulation
  • have been validated in accordance with Part 3 of the Annex to the Regulation
  • comply with relevant MRPLs (Art. 4)

Please note that the relevant Regulation (EC) No. 2002/657 is currently under revision and criteria are therefore subject to change.

The EURLs for Residues of Veterinary Medicinal Products are responsible for providing their network with analytical methods for all relevant analyte-matrix combinations (EURL task in accordance with Art. 94 Reg. (EU) No 2017/625). Click the links below for analytical methods, including validation reports, for the respective substance groups as well as a list of priority analytes and matrices (NRCP substance list).

NRCP substance list





Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs