Precision and accuracy in the analysis of standard solutions

This proficiency test will give eligible laboratories (NRLs, OCLs, a selection of laboratories from third countries) the opportunity to crosscheck the standard solutions they apply in their daily routine by analysing standard mixes provided by the EURL Berlin. Each participants will receive three different standard mixes containing an unknown quantity of minimum required and recommended analytes of antihelmintics, coccidiostats and NSAIDs (one substance group per mix). The EURL classification for these residues can be found here:

The test items were shippen on Monday, 07 June, 2021. However, several parcels were lost by the logistics provider and had not arrived at their intended destination by 21 June, 2021 which necessitated the shipment of replacement sample sets to the affected participants on 22 June, 2021. All participant are asked to confirm the sample receipt immediately upon arrival of their shipment.

Due to the issues with the sample shipment, the deadline for result submission is postponed to 06 September, 2021. Further details on the proficiency test are given in the official announcement and will also be provided in the protocol.

The participants are asked to confirm the sample receipt here (password will be provided via e-mail).

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