The main tasks of the EURLs are laid down in Art. 94 Reg. (EU) No 2017/625. The EURLs overarching resposibility is to contribute to the improvement and harmonisation of methods to be used by official laboratories. In order to achieve this, the EURLs shall

  • provide National Reference Laboratories with
    • details and guidance on analytical methods, including reference methods
    • reference materials
    • information on relevant national, Union and international research activities
    • information about advances in the field of laboratory analysis
  • provide scientific and technical assistance to the European Commission
  • develop and validate new analytical methods
  • organise
    • proficiency tests including appropriate follow-up
    • collaborative trials
    • workshops
    • practical training courses
  • collaborate with laboratories from non-EU countries
  • collaborate with other European institutions (EFSA, EMA, ECDC)
  • publish the list of National Reference Laboratories designated by the Member States in accordance with Art. 100 (1)
Detailed information on all work packages planned for a specific working period can be gathered from the EURLs' work programmes.