Work Programme

For every working period the EURLs compose work programmes which encompass work items pertaining to all EURL responsibilites and tasks as laid down in Art. 94 Regulation (EU) 2017/625. The main aspects the EURLs’ work programmes address are:

  • ensuring the high quality performance of NRLs, e.g. by provison of method descriptions, standard substances and reference materials
  • the provision of scientific and technial assistance to the NRLs, e.g. through the organisation of trainings, collaborative trials and supporting visits
  • technical and scientific assistance to the European Commission and other organisations
  • maintaining reference collections of standard substances and reference materials
  • the implementation of requirements of international standards related to the EURL responsibilities and tasks (ISO 17025, ISO 17043).

Usually during the annual workshops NRLs are invited to provide feedback on specific topics which might require the EURLs’ attention in upcoming working periods. These proposals are considered by the EURL for drafting future work programmes. Upon adoption of a work programme for an upcoming working period by the European Commission, the work programmes are published. Every year, the EURLs prepare technical reports which summarise the level of achievement of each work item, as well as technical reports for a completed working period.

For 2021, the EURLs have discussed draft work programmes with their responsible representative of the European Commission for the period until financing is secured. Upon adoption of the EURL financing expected in late spring 2021, the EURLs will each amend the tasks outlined in these draft work programmes to span a two year working period. The draft programmes for 2021 are available for download: