First data entry interval for ALMANAC starts today

As we have announced during the EURL Berlin workshop, the first data entry interval on the online database for the collection of method validation data starts today. You can access “ALMANAC – AnaLytical Method vAlidatioN dAta Collection” at The collection and evaluation of the data is a task of the EURL laid down in Regulation (EU) 2017/625. With the launch of “ALMANAC” it is now possible for the NRLs to check and amend their method validation data during defined data entry intervals. Outside of these data entry intervals the data can be browsed but not edited. Additionally, it is possible to search the database for laboratories analysing specific matrix-analyte combinations (no display of method parameters). The data from the last method collection initiated by the EURL Berlin is already available in the database at All NRLs are now asked to check/update and confirm the entries linked to their laboratory and should add the information of methods covering analytes within the EURL Berlin’s sphere of responsibility which are not yet included in the database. The deadline for this first data entry interval is 15 September, 2021. For a general overview of ALMANAC, please refer to the presentation given during the 2020 EURL workshop (link to FIS-VL).

An account with access to the respective laboratory data has been provided to all eligible laboratories. If there are any problems with the accounts or if you have any question concerning ALMANAC, please contact the EURL at As there is currently no detailed manual available, the EURL Berlin is planning a short training session in the form of a webmeeting for interested users. The meeting is scheduled for 8 July 2021, 10-11.30 a.m. CEST and an official invitation will be sent soon.