STRD0521: Postponement of the sample shipment

Due to unforeseen circumstances it is necessary to postpone the sample shipment for the proficiency test STRD0521. The new envisaged shipment date will be Monday, 7th June, 2021. In order to accommodate for the upcoming summer break, the time allotted for the analyses will also be extended. The deadline for result submission will be 30th July, 2021.

NSAI1120: Follow-up workshop (“special workshop”)

The workshop will take place on 1 June 2021 in the afternoon and is reserved for those who have participated in proficiency test NSAI1120.

Topics to be covered:

  • results of the interlaboratory study
  • information from literature
  • details of the development and validation of analytical method NSAI_012
  • results of additional experiments conducted at the EURL Berlin

Latest EFSA reports

The latest report on the results from the monitoring of veterinary medicinal product residues and other substances in live animals and animal products is now available here. The report summarises monitoring data collected in 2019.

The latest report on pesticide residues in food in the European Union is now available here. The EU-coordinated control programm analyses samples including matrices from animal origin. The report summarises monitoring data collected in 2019.

Update Euroresidue IX

In the light of the unpredictable events, the board of the EuroResidue Conferences Foundation has decided to postpone again the Euroresidue IX event. The EuroResidue IX Conference is now planned for 23-25 May 2022.

2021 EURL Fougères Proficiency Tests

In 2021 2 PTs will be organised:

Ø  PT1 – Multi-Screening and Confirmation of Chloramphenicol Residues in Meat and considering the new RPA of 0.15 µg/kg (March-May 2021)
Ø  PT2 – Multi-Screening and Confirmation of Group B1 Authorized Antimicrobial Residues in Milk   (October-December 2021)

Or  PT2 could be possibly replaced by a collaborative study you should receive more details during the period March-May : Ø  COLLAB TEST – Collaborative study for LC-MSMS / LC-HRMSMS instruments for Multi-Screening / Confirmation of Group B1-B2 Authorized VMP Residues in Extracts of Milk and Meat (October-December 2021)

2021 EURL Berlin Proficiency Tests

The EURL Berlin is planning to organise two proficiency tests in 2021. Scheduled for the first and second quarter is a proficiency test on precision and accuracy in the analysis of standard solutions (STRD0421). Participating laboratories will be provided with 3-4 mix solutions of analytes belonging to several substance groups and are asked to determine the analyte contents. This PT will be the first of its kind organised by the EURL Berlin and shall give the participants the opportunity to check their own standard solutions against a gravimetrically prepared solution. The test items are projected to ship in April.

The EURL Berlin’s second PT in 2021 will focus on the determination of nitroimidazoles in plasma and milk (NIIM0921). The participants will be provided with 3-4 test items produced from incurred samples. All participants who do not currently analyse nitroimidazoles in milk will be asked to either apply the method they routinely apply for plasma samples or to apply the method developed by the EURL Berlin. The test items are projected to be shipped in September.

Current EURL Berlin Proficiency Tests: BETA0320, NSAI1120

In 2020, the EURL Berlin conducted a proficiency test on the determination of beta-agonists in bovine hair (BETA0320) and on the determination of NSAIDs in bovine and equine muscle (NSAI1120). For BETA0320 the final report has been made available and participants are now asked to fill out the follow-up questionnaire (Link). The PT NSAI1120 has not yet been evaluated. Information on NSAI1120 is available here.