RingDat Help


RingDat can be used by laboratories to enter test results and other data. In order to use it, two data files (xxxx.LAB and xxxx.LA2) are supplied by the test organiser. The filename usually represents your lab identification number. After entering the test results, the file pair has to be returned to the test organiser.

The program requires no installation and can simply be started either from a USB drive or from any directory.

Data Input

To enter the measured values, start the application RingDat4_en.exe and then open the file xxxx.LAB. Now you can enter your measured or calculated values into the shown table. Only numbers can be entered into the column(s) of the measured values. An exception is the character "<", which can be used in front of a number to mark values below the determination limit.
If a measuring unit is given, it has to be respected, as only the organiser can change it.

Please note

In some cases there might be no names for the samples assigned by the organiser. In that case, the names of the samples have to be entered in exact spelling.


If the test organiser has decided to do so, you may enter or correct your address(es) in the designated tab.

Questions and Answers

For some ring tests, the participants are required to answer certain questions. If that is the case for your current ring test, an additional tab will appear in the software.

Saving data

As soon as any data is changed, the Save button becomes active. When pressed, the .LAB and the .LA2 files are updated with your changes. It is possible to save and leave the software at any time, even if the input of data is not yet completed.


After completion of the data input, please save the data. If the test organiser requires you to, you can print and sign your results by clicking the Protocol button. At first a preview will be shown. Changes are not possible at this point. The actual printing starts when clicking the button with the printer.