Reference Materials and Standards

In order to achieve valid analytical results and verify the performance of analytical methods, the use of adequate standards and reference materials is indispensible. However, incurred reference materials are often not commercially available and their production is therefore a particular focus of EURL activities.

The EURL Berlin has been producing in-house reference materials for several years. The raw material is usually obtained from a facility for animal studies to which the EURL Berlin has access. The incurred material is usually mixed with blank material, processed, homogenised, and finally divided into smaller portions, which are then tested for homogeneity and stability. The materials are typically characterised in proficiency tests organised by the EURL Berlin and are available for order by official control laboratories upon completion of the study.

Production of reference material

The reference materials and standards available from the EURL Berlin can be found in the following catalogues. Please use the ordering form to request standard substances. The material parameters are compiled in individual data sheets available from the FIS-VL.

Available in-house reference materials and order form

Available standard substances and order form

Reconstitution protocol for lyophilised samples