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Updated MMPR Guidance Document

The EURLs are pleased to announce that the guidance document on minimum method performance requirements (MMPRs) has been updated and version 2.0 is now available. The changes with regard to the previous version pertain to residue definitions and matrix changes, as well as clarifications regarding the MMPRs to be considered for authorised pharmacologically active substances, for which no MRL has been set for a specific matrix or species. In addition, the MMPR document has been endorsed by the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed, which is certainly a significant contribution to harmonised residue control throughout the European Union.

Webinar on the implementation of CIR 2021/808

The EURL Berlin is planning a webinar on CIR 2021/808 directed to NRLs, which will take place on 6 July 2022. The time frame (preliminary) will be: 10:30 – 12:00 h and 13:30 – 15:00 h. The webinar will be held via Cisco WebEx.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Use of 2002/657 validation data
  • Residue definitions in 37/2010 for specific substances
  • Spike levels and cascade use
  • Screening with physico-chemical methods (experimental design)
  • All other business

NRLs have received a link and password for the registration, to be completed until 24 June 2022. The registered participants will receive the access data for the webinar in due time.

BETA0622: Postponement of sample shipment

We regret having to inform you that, due to a strike by our carrier TNT/FedEx we have to cancel the shipment of the proficiency test samples which had been scheduled for 14 June 2022. Unfortunately, the strike is for an indefinite period of time, so that we are unable to give you a new shipment date at the moment. In any case, the period allowed for the analysis of the PT samples will be prolonged respectively. We hope to be able to provide you with more information soon.

SARAF Webinar on EU food legislation

The School for Advanced Residue Analysis in Food (SARAF) organised a webinar dealing with recent changes in EU food legislation, especially with regard to CIR 2021/808 and changes compared to CD 2002/657. A representative of DG SANTE and the heads of the three EURLs active in the field of veterinary drug residue analysis presented an overview on current activities of the European Commission dealing with the implementation of Reg. (EU) 2017/625, the guidance on the validation of confirmation methods using the conventional and the alternative approach and the state of play for the guidance document on screening method validation. The presentations are available in the section “FAQ” and also from the SARAF website.

New EFSA VMPR data visualisation tool

During the EURL Berlin workshop conducted last week, colleagues from EFSA kindly presented a new tool visualising the 2020 results from the monitoring of veterinary medicinal product residues in Europe. The new tool allows for displaying the overall results, a summary per VMPR animal product group, as well as detailed statistics on substances within each animal product group. The tool is available here and will also be linked on the EURL website under “Network” for future reference.